Lego + Digital Designer + Pick a Brick = Too Much Fun

January 19th, 2013

Over christmas I decided to download LEGO Digital Designer a free program for Macintosh and Windows (Download it here). I played with the program for about 4 days straight and had way too much fun. Not only can you create fun designs and play with virtual legos you also can export the designs of your creations with step by step instructions on how to build it and a breakdown of all the parts used.

Then I decided to look into actually making my designs. It turns out that offers a pretty sweet Pick a Brick option for ordering custom pieces (Visit the Store). Unfortunately LEGO no longer offers the ability to simply order your creations. You have to go through the tedious process of hand picking each piece from the Pick a Brick store. I also discovered that the store didn’t offer all the pieces I had intended to use in my creation so I made to make some slight alterations from my original design.

I placed my $30+ order and waited. Now granted it did get lost in the mail for about a week. But once it was found and placed back on track it arrived as a jumped pile of pieces (which is half the fun).

Even though I thought I picked all the pieces correctly and made all the necessary adjustments based on piece availability I still had to use some of my LEGOs from my other legos. Sometimes the Pick a Brick can be confusing. But I managed. And to my delight my LEGO Mech came out just splendidly!

You should give it a try!


Download my LEGO Designer Files

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