And Finished

April 10th, 2012

Collaborative To-Do Lists Made Easy

I’ve been collaborating with people on projects of all sizes and struggled to find a great solution. We realized there was a need for a super simple and streamlined way to share to-dos with multiple groups of people. We created And Finished specifically to just that. And it’s free!

Clean, minimal design. Does what it’s supposed to and does it well. – Bill Wood

We started out by prioritizing the most essential and basic features needed to make a solid collaboration tool. Too often,  many web applications creators want to pack it full of bells and whistles.

At the core of our application we decided to revolve to-dos and users around categories. With multiple categories and connections, users can isolate tasks and to-dos to just the users involved in that category.

After launching, we had a solid to-do application flexible enough to work for a myriad of users, but simple enough not to confuse my mother.

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