November 10th, 2012

I created a web application that would help users develop wiser purchasing habits.

The idea was simple, Allow users to add items that they want to buy and set a delay date which will give them more time to think through the purchase. The additional time will help reduce impulsive purchases by challenging the user to wait until the end of the delay period before making a purchase.

BuyDelay on iPhones

Mobile Power

Sometimes walking out of the store is half the battle. With the mobile flexibility of the app we’ve made it super easy for users to access on the fly with their smart phones. They can enter a price, set the delay time, and even add a url to that item if it’s listed on a website.

The main focus of stores and advertisers is to convince you to buy their product. They use all kinds of methods and tactics to convince users that purchasing the item is the best option. And as a consumer giving yourself time to step back and think through a purchases drastically decreases the potency of their advertising efforts.

After an item goes through it’s delay period the user has the option to Buy, Pass or Delay again.


Some items are necessary to purchase and after carefully thinking through the pros and cons the user can decide to buy the item. Once the the user decides to buy the delayed item it moves over to their savings section under purchases.


Some items at first seem like a great idea or appear to be necessary but after careful thinking through the purchases or sometimes simply walking out of the store reveals that the users money may be more useful spent elsewhere. Also, in the time it takes for an item to be delayed other more important or unexpected expenses can arise that would otherwise be unaffordable had the user spent that money.


And for users who find themselves still unsure if they should purchase and item at the end of the delay period can put the item back into buy delay and give themselves a little more time to think it through.

In the savings section of the application there are two columns. In the Savings column all the items along with their prices the user decided to Pass on are listed and totaled. To the right is the Purchases column with items the user ended up buying.

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