Fresh Aloha Direct

April 10th, 2012

Freshness never felt so… Fresh.

Fresh Aloha Direct is the new creation of Aloun Farms in Hawaii. They wanted to create an environmentally friendly model for getting fresh produce directly to the doors of their customers by reducing the amount of energy and resources used in storing foods in super markets. Their solution was does that by removing the middle man.

This allows Aloun Farms to have a much closer relationship to their customers across the island. It’s a modern farm stand feel that uses the technology today.

We’re creating a greener solution for all of Hawaii. We reduce the amount of wasted produce from supermarkets by having a more direct production cycle.

Our goal was to power their process with a great site that allows users to login and set up food subscriptions, purchase one time boxes, and for local development communities to offer their residents a healthy and fresh solution. We built and designed a custom web cart solution with built-in promotions, coupons, and recurring purchases.

We wanted a site that would properly convey their dedication to fresh produce and excellent customer experiences. What we created was Fresh Aloha Direct.

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