Sojourner Album Art

April 10th, 2012

Don’t just make music, make music look great!

David Veslocki is a renowned producer who has produced music for ABC, NBC, BBC, HBO, Animal Planet, National Geographic, Fox, artists such as Timmy Titus (Warped Tour performing artist), Ariana (Lead singer, The Zoo), Vickie Natale (Star Search 2003), and many others.

As a music producer, I know I can bring my clients to Ethan, as he consistently delivers images that not only fit the music perfectly, but inspire people to want to know they artist more deeply. Ethan is top notch. – David Veslocki

David Veslocki has teamed up with vocal artist Katie Bolding to create the Sojourner pop EP, “The Insatiable EP”. I joined the creative duo to create the pop EP album artwork.

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