The Fathers House

April 10th, 2012

For such a modern technologic church they needed an equally modern and flexible website.

The Father’s House is in the top 30 largest churches in all of New York. Avereging over 3000 per services and this year their conjoined Easter services at the Blue Cross Arena marked their largest services yet at over 14,000 attendees. The Father’s House is a leader in more ways than just size. They’ve integrated advanced technologies such as live church streaming, member networking, and native IOS and Android app integration.

Ethan has been amazing to work with. Great ideas, fast implementation and awesome support!  Will definitely continue the relationship with EH Design into the future. – Jonathan Malave

We wanted to build a site that would properly delivery their content across multiple devices from desktops and tablets to mobile smart phones. We utilized CSS3 Media-Query techniques to serve up their content in accessible ways.

We chose to build the site on the WordPress CMS system to take advantage of their native custom post type architecture and build an advanced custom admin panel which allows them to manage the more advanced functionality of the site. WordPress provides an incredibly advanced and powerful solution to back churches, ministries, and businesses of all sizes.

We integrated the Amazon S3 hosting to lighten the load on the local server. The Amazon S3 hosting serves up the heavy items like videos, audio, and images. This helps decrease the load time and get content to their users on a faster and more consistent rate.

Take a look at the website or look through the gallery below.

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